Visual Marketing

A picture is worth a thousand words

It is a saying that currently is still very up to date. Presentations at trade fairs, on websites and during sales talks are frequently performed in all types of images and visual contact. Timelines of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are full of image material. Without even mentioning YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat that are totally focused on sharing image material. Add to this that messages with a video or picture have a much wider range on social media than textual messages and you know why image now has such an important role in the marketing. It is a very good tool to tell your story in a short period of time, to reach the target group and to draw their attention.

Enrichment by image

Our life is more and more moving towards the digital world. This is a world where image and sound play an important role. Even more important than text. This also means that marketing content does not just include text, but also all types of visual content. A clear and stimulating video, animation, Virtual Reality elaboration or picture are all part of this. This visual content can enrich a story and make it directly and within no-time clear to people what your proposition is. But how can you successfully use this type of visual content?

Visual marketing strategy

For marketers it is often still looking for the use of the right visual tools at the right time. Or when which visual content provides a solution where. A good visual marketing strategy is the answer. It provides insight and substantiation in the application of the various types of visual content on the different channels for your products and organisation. This way you get control and overview on your media and budget planning. Whether you want to better inform your target group, generate more leads and sales or enlarge your name awareness. By using film, animation or Virtual Reality you take you marketing communication strategy, content strategy or social media strategy to a higher level. Product films are really appreciated by website visitors as source of information and an interactive film ensures for more and longer website visits. The latter also provides a positive contribution to the search engine optimisation of your website. In other words: film, animation, VR are tools that are part of a successful visual marketing strategy.

Good advice

Using visual marketing is something whereby we notice that organisations are still struggling with this. Therefore, we assist organisation in this process. Together with you we look at your marketing planning and objectives. We link this to our visual marketing funnel where it becomes clear which visual requirement occurs when. With this input we subsequently make a timeline (roadmap) that makes it clear which visual content is required at what time and which budgetary needs occur.

Visual marketing funnel

Stimulating visual content helps at different moments during the buyer and customer journey. You do not want to bother leads, who are not aware yet of your product, with in depth product videos, but you want to persuade them with a short and catching promo film to request more information. To ensure that you are able to offer the right visual content with your target group for every moment in the customer journey, we use the visual marketing funnel. Visual content is developed in this that matches the various stages of the customer journey that converts your target group from lead to customer and from customer to ambassador. This way you are assured of a substantiated plan of approach and maximum impact.

Time line

Do you have a trade fair or event planned this year or would you like to present a product? Of show an unforgettable business film? Together, based on your planning for campaigns, event and such we look what type of visual content best suits the event and objective. Whether it concerns the introduction of a new product through a product explorer on your website or via a promo film, we always provide you with the right advice for an optimal result.

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