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  • Reduce training costs and time.
  • Train where and when you want.
  • Increase production capacity.
  • Increase motivation.

Insider tip

Prepare your employees for incidents by training them in a VR situation, thus helping them to understand how to solve problems faster.

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Train for operational perfection

Transferring knowledge

With VR product training you address one of the main challenges of organisations; how to transfer knowledge and education (globally) to the staff. Quality control and uniformity of training programs are very important and at the same time also very difficult to manage.

Training processes can be more successful, nicer and more efficient. So you will get more efficient and better trained staff.

Our subsidiary company Serious-VR is specialised in this. C4Real offers support in this by assisting with the application of VR technology.

Motivational training

You can give a training in a stuffy room where some people obediently but slightly bored are watching a presentation. Not very exciting or motivating. It can be more efficient, more effective and above all more pleasant. With a VR training, learning a new process or the operation of a machine becomes a true experience. Thereby, the participants of the training are more motivated and this way the learning time is reduced.

Optimal result

Another main advantage of a VR product training is that it is uniform. Every training is given in the same way. This means that the best practices formula can perfectly be applied with each training so optimal result is achieved. 

Reduce costs

A normal training process can involve much organisation stress. For example, an expert must be flown in and the staff must be available at the same time. It can be a logistical challenge. Plus, it is often also a costly process as the training takes place on the production line, which results in a reduction of the production capacity. But, it can be different. With VR training a staff member can receive training at any desired moment and at any desired location. A main advantage of VR training is also that this does not have to be followed at the workplace. So an employee can learn to operate a machine without the need for an inexperienced person to actually be at the machine. If unexpectedly an error is made, the complete production line does not have to be stopped, as the work is performed in a virtual environment.

Digital operating instruction

A VR product training is not just handy for training staff. It can also be used to learn your customers how to handle your product or service. Through a visual training you give your customers the opportunity to get everything from the product that it has to offer. An extra service that is appreciated but that also saves money.

Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality can perfectly be used as innovative product presentation, for example at trade fairs or during sales talks.

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Would you like to know more about VR product training? Please check www.Serious-VR.com. Or would you like to know more about another service of C4Real? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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