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VR Film


  • Let your customers experience your product without the product being physically present.

  • The best possible visual experience available at the moment.
  • A unique and lasting first impression of your product. 

Insider tip

Go for maximum impact and show your film in Virtual Reality. Go for a VR 360 Film for a complete experience.

Have a VR film made and turn your product into an experience

What is Virtual Reality?

VR stands for virtual reality or a simulacrum. A world that has been made virtually 360 degrees by the computer. The user enters this virtual world with VR glasses. Because this world is programmed and designed with the computer, the possibilities are endless.

Next level product presentations with virtual reality

A beautiful presentation film is of course great, but it’s just a film. The addition of virtual reality makes the film a true experience. New here are the VR 360 films. Do you know the example with the roller coaster? In that VR film it seems as if you are really on a roller coaster because all the sense of orientation is gone. With the VR glasses, you are completely in the virtual world where the user can look around 360 degrees.

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