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360º VIDEO


  • Create a lasting first impression.
  • Display your product or organisation as if the viewer were actually there.
  • Go for a more intense experience.

Insider tip

The ideal first step towards acquainting people with the virtual world.

Explore the world of VR

A step in the future

Would you like to be seen as market leader? Would you like to positively surprise your customers? Why not present your organisation, products or services with a 360 degrees video. Let the viewer come into your world and give them an experience they will remember for a long time.

Look in all directions

A 360 degrees video is a video containing images that are filmed from all angles or an animation that can be viewed from all angles. Therefore, the viewer literally has a 360 degrees’ view to look around or to watch a subject. So the viewer is in control. You actively involve the viewer in the video or animation and with this you create more involvement, whereby the chance on possible next steps is increased.

Virtual Reality glasses

A 360 degrees video is very suitable for Virtual Reality (VR) glasses. After all, in the video a lot is happening around you and with VR glasses you and your public can easily and in a natural way see all the sides that you or your customers find interesting. 

Also on other devices

Although VR glasses are a natural way to watch the 360 degrees video, the video can also be watched via a mobile device, social media or on your website. Everyone with a smartphone can play a 360 degrees video via various apps, including YouTube and Facebook. So it can be used in marketing and/or social media campaigns. Of course, we will gladly advice about using visual marketing.

3D model

A 360 degrees video can be made by filming with a 360 degrees camera. It is also possible to make a 360 degrees presentation with a 3D model of your product, whereby your products can be viewed from all angles. Or one step further via a complete interactive VR product presentation. What the best type is for your 360 degrees video, strongly depends on your objective, your target group and your own desires. If you are not sure which 360 degrees video best suits your organisation, we gladly advise you about this.

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