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  • Provide information on individual components.
  • Comprehensively illustrate the opportunities afforded by your product.
  • Give your customer the freedom to put together their ideal product themselves.
  • Use a photo-upload function to enable customers to add their own style.

Insider tip

Add the product configurator to your webshop thus enabling the customer to tailor the

product entirely to their own specifications.

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The answer to mass customisation

Do it yourself

Would you prefer a red one? Or that one with a leather or steel strap? Sometimes a product has many choice possibilities. It is impossible to take a picture of all these choice possibilities and to maintain a calm and clear page. And although you naturally find customer service important, you don’t want every customer to call to go through all the specification. Would it not be handier if the customer could compose his product himself and at the same time receive all the desired information? Well, that is now possible. With a 3D Product Configurator you give your customers the opportunity to adjust your products to his or her wishes. A perfect addition to your visual marketing strategy.

Customer friendly and efficient

When a customer has completely adjusted the product to his or her wishes, the right quotation can be sent easily. After all the wishes are already clear and the right price tag can be attached to this. So your customer immediately has the information that he/she requires and that saves you a lot of time. Plus, it is also possible to directly send the ordered configuration to your production or logistical process. In other words: you give your customer a lot of extra service and you work a lot more efficient.

Not just for websites

A 3D Product configurator can perfectly be placed on a website or in a webshop. But did you know that you can also use this at trade fairs or with sales talks? Online or offline on your tablet or smartphone. So you can easily configure a product together with your customers.


The Product Configurator of C4Real also gives you the opportunity to link user analytics. So you know exactly which options are chosen the most and you can write targeted campaigns on this. Plus, it can provide possibilities to you in product optimisation and R&D. After all you have quick insight into what your customers like.

Would you like to know how you can use the Product Configuration for other applications? Or would you like to have a 3D Product Configurator made. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

You do not need the configuration function but an interactive digital product appeals to you? Then the Product Explorer is something for you. 

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