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  • Create involvement of your customer.
  • Gain insight into customer behaviour.

Insider tip

By giving the customer control, they feel more involved with the story and thus with your organisation, service or product.

Give your customer control with interactive film

Create more involvement

An interactive film is a film that you can watch in a dynamic way, in which the viewer can determine which part of the film they are watching. This can be done by means of a selection menu in which the viewer can immediately click on the part of the film they want to see. This creates more involvement of the customer.


This application of interactive film is also sometimes used in cinemas. You watch a film with dozens of others and at a certain moment something happens in the film after which a choice must be made. Does the main character go left or right? In this case, the audience can choose what is going to happen, so that the outcome of the film can vary. This is an application for the big screen. But also for companies, this is an interesting technique to apply to product films, for example.

What are the advantages of an interactive film?

Nowadays, video has become the communication tool of the western world. We would rather watch a film or video than read the information. And the attention is short, we only want what is relevant to us.

If you want to tell a lot, there is a chance that you will have to make a long video. And the longer the video, the higher the chance that the viewer will no longer pay attention. After all, the digital world revolves around finding the information we need quickly and if it doesn’t go fast enough, many people will drop out. But what if you want to put all the information about your product in one film? Then an interactive film is the solution. By dividing the film into smaller pieces, you can let the customer (within the film) decide for themselves what information they want to see. This way you give the customer exactly what they need.

How can you apply it?

An interactive film or video is ideal for presenting products on your website, social media or at trade fairs. The potential customer can decide for themselves what they want to see and find the information they are looking for. Besides being functional, it is also fun and gives the viewer the feeling of control.

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