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  • Reduce language barriers by giving visual explanations of instructions.
  • Prevent misinterpretations by providing good examples.
  • Provide a simple explanation.

Insider tip,

Instructional films can be easily converted into different languages for the purpose of an international reach.

People follow suit when set a good example

How it works

With an instruction video you clearly show how something works. They are as it were operating instructions on the screen. Nowadays you often come across these ‘how-to-video’s’. The videos are not just used commercially but also to relieve the service department, for example. Plus, it is also great for training staff. When learning certain business processes, it can generate a true efficiency drive.

With an instruction video the business processes are simplified and you can offer your customers first class service.

Seeing is understanding

Given a clear instruction is not always easy. And the person who is good at it does not always have the time. So, an instruction video can be very handy. Definitely when this is fully aligned to the target group. Whether you answer frequently asked questions, want to deploy e-learning or remove purchase barriers. By explaining clearly on the screen and sometimes literally showing the correct example, you provide confident and motivated users. 

Understandable language

‘A picture says more than a thousand words’ and that in any language. Do you have an international target group or employees with various language backgrounds, then an instruction video can provide much clarity. By showing on the screen what is required to use a product or service all language barriers are removed. And if you do require some text, this can often easily be added in different languages.

Various types and sizes

No instruction video is the same. Which type of instruction video is best suited for your organisation depends on your objective and target group. An animation can be made or you can opt for a filmed instruction. It is also possible to fully convert the instruction into Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality. Obviously, we like to advice what the best instruction video is for your organisation.

Would you like to know more about instruction films? Or of the services of C4Real? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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