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  • Create uniformity in all media, from print to online.
  • Increase consumer awareness.
  • Make your corporate identity consistent.

Insider tip

Have high resolution images reappear in all your communications to increase (consumer) awareness of your organisation or product.

Create consistency and consumer awareness

Repeat, repeat, repeat

Repetition is important in marketing. It provides recognition and later even remembrance. After all, every brand wants to be included in the short list of the consumer. An image that is often repeated at places where the (potential) customer is present helps to create this recognition.

High quality image

A high resolution image or still is an image that is often made from a 3D model of a product, in a very high image quality, so it is well suited to be used on large dimensions such as trade fair walls. Due to the high resolution you can zoom in on an image without losing the quality or without it becoming pixeled.

Saving on photography costs

As soon as your product is in development, it is difficult to already communicate this towards the market, to start your marketing and sales process with this. With the application of high resolution stills or a promo video you can already place the product in the market before it is physically ready. This ensures for an acceleration of the sales process. Plus, high resolution images save on photography costs. With a 3D model you can easily make high resolution images without having to build a complete photography setup. This saves time and money.

A picture is worth a thousand words

It is a saying that currently is still very up to date: ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Timelines of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are full of image material. Without even mentioning YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat that are totally focused on sharing image material. Add to this that messages with a video or picture have a much wider range on social media than textual messages and you know why image now has such an important role in the marketing. It is a very good tool to reach the target group and to draw their attention. Visual marketing is therefore becoming more and more important.

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