Online training with instruction film

Now that physical opportunities for training are limited due to the coronapandemic, online training is taking over fast. That makes sense, because with online instruction your employees, clients ore trainees can be trained just as well. Even better, by visualising instructions in 3D animation, film, or virtual reality! We gladly explain the different uses and possibilities of instruction videos.

Perfect fit for processes, safety and products

Every company that wants their employees to know how certain processes or specific procedures work, can do so by creating an instructionfilm. Just like safety training and product installations and trouble chooting videos, remote access can be arranged easily. 

Wheter you want to star your own employees in your video or actors, we gladly direct and guide you through the process. We can use 2D animation, 3D animation or film. The next step will be interactive instruction films, in which the participant can easily navigate between different parts of the instruction and quickly switch to the specific information he may need. 


Benefits of instruction video



By offering instructions digitally, training will always continue


Easy acces

Accessible on any device, wherever and whenever


Everything taken care of

We'll take care of every technical aspect


Thought leadership

Share knowledge and become a thought leader.


Branding integrated

Instruction videos and animation as part of your company brand


New business model

Online training as a new business model

Use Case - Brink Academy

Online training als extra verdienmodel

Trhough instruction videos, knowledge is easlily shared at the participants convenience. We create device indepentant content, so online training can be followed at any device. This not only proofs your thought leadership, it also shows that your company is ahaead of the game in knowledge and experience. This service can also be deployed as a new business model. 

Curious as to how we did this for our customers?

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Offering training through online channels like a companies academy or university helps to quickly provide  information to users, to reduce customer support and to boost your position as thought leader. 

Ton Kuper – CEO of C4Real
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An online academy for thought leadership

Wheter you focus on suppliers that you haven't met in a while,  potential customers you haven't been able to visit in months, or your much appreciated customers; with an online event you are able to reach everyone of them. 

In an online academy you can combine a live (online) event with instruction video. Organise a collective kick off and offer participants then custom instruction and training. They'll learn exactly what they require for their line of work.




Always wanted to create a visual databank for your employees of customers? This is the time to do so. Your professional knowledge and our years of experiece will complement each other to make your online academy succesful! 

Our success cases of instruction videos


Brink Academy

instruction cliening filters



Instruction connecting tank

with chemical compounds



Gluegun instruction



Instruction online partner portal


Condor Grass

Installation artificial grass field


Brink Academy

Installation air ventilation system

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