Online Events: Every detail taken care of

Choosing to host an online event means that you decided to reach your audience in an easily accessible and efficient way. Without needing to travel, you still allow them to get all the information you want to share. As an added bonus you do this in an interactive way, which allows you to get a higher conversion rate. We at C4Real would like to make the entire event a breeze to get through. The way we assist in this is by taking care of all details, leaving you to focus on the content of your event.

Together we will make your online event a success!

A product launch, congress, webinar, livestream or online training: we can make every type of event work. Online events are not a carbon copy of a physical event, but neither does it have to be, as long as it has a great impact. An example of this was the introduction of the latest iPhone, the amount of people in the actual room was way lower than the amount of people following the action online, yet the experience was the same. That level of experience is what we are aiming for.

As crew behind the event we help with programming and ensuring the event has the right appearance and detail.


Benefits of online events


Lead generation

Generating leads with online events


Accessible anywhere

Anywhere at anytime accessible on any device


Everything taken care of

We take care of all the technical questions you have



A tailored and unique way to stay in touch with your target group


Integrated branding

Allows for many possibilities in the field of branding, content creation and programming.


A cost saver

Cheaper in comparison to physical events

Higher conversion through an online public

Whatever you already work with a certain platform such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom, or you would like us to figure out what the best platform for your situation is, anything is possible. It is important to pick the right public, know when they are available and how to find the right place. This is also something that take away your attention as we take care of the entire marketing phase. Do you want it to be an invite only event? We can make it happen. The same applies for product launches, we can create the right campaign and promotional material to make it work.


In the end, because of the direct follow up of online events, there is more value generated than you would get from a physical event. Because of this we would love to host your online event.

Ton Kuper, CEO van C4Real
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An online event as digital experience

One of the biggest fears that many organisations face when deciding to host an online event is the different way of interacting with the public then there would be with a physical event. Interaction however is possible in many different ways, and we would like to show you! We can make the interactions work in a way that it becomes a real network event.

Every step along the way we will be there (virtually) or on site to ensure everything goes according to plan. From ticketing to content, live recordings to Q&A’s and pre-recorded pieces on stage, we can do it all. We can also take care of the sound setup, event design, speakers, moderation or management of the event. As an added bonus you can decide to record your event, so you can reuse the content after its finished.

Connecting with clients and leads

Whether it concerns suppliers who you have not met in a long time, potential clients which you have not been able to visit in a long time or your loyal client base: with an online event you can reach them all. The way you do so is something we can discuss. We can arrange a studio, potentially with a green screen. From a safe distance we provide live recordings and ensure that all data will be processed accordingly.


Online events as a livestream

Almost everyone thinks that an online event is always a livestream. Often this is the case, but not always. Sometimes it is very beneficial to have pre-recorded videos or content in general, in order to have more control over the output of your content. When dealing with a product launch or elevator pitch you want this to be perfect, which means no room for error. A combination of pre-recorded content and a livestream could be the perfect solution for your challenge.

For each target an online event


Product launch




Press release

This is the order of process


1. Intake


2. Concept and programming


3. selecting and inviting the public


4. Practice session


5. Hosting and going live


6. Follow-up and data-analysis

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