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Do you want to optimally show off your complex, unique creations? Let C4Real create a 3D animation for you. We have many years of experience in creating 3D animations and 3D-films. These animations have even won us some awards. When you are a frontrunner in your market you want to communicate as a market leader as well. We allow for that to happen. Are you interested in how we use 3D to reach your goals?

  • distinctive communication
  • simplify complex stories
  • make an impact

  • high quality
  • many years of experience
  • hassle-free process

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Unique 3D animations

The unique thing about 3D is that it allows for showing of components that are hard to see with the naked eye. Whether that be a general overview or chemical processes.

By creating a 3D animation you allow yourself to differentiate from your competitors. It allows for an easy way to show off where you excel. In a short amount of time everything will become clear for your target group.

An animation allows for a quick overview of the key processes and allows for easier sales talks.

Our 3D animations have caused our clients to rake in large orders, because of the clear nature of the work we have delivered.


The more complex, the better: we can visualize it

Every 3D animation is different from the next one. It is crucial to ensure that 3D is being used in the most optimal way for the most optimal results.

We always start with creating a concept. C4Real is accustomed to dive deep into complex processes and products, and show these off in a solid and clear way. The way we do so is by creating a storyline which is entirely your own, we create your perfect storyline together.

As an example, for TenCate, we created a spectaculair 3D-animation for their Formula 1 car, which had to comply with many contractual restrictions.

This would not have worked out in a proper way with media like photography, video or tekst. This does work out for 3D.

The benefits of 3D animations

A short time to market


By using 3D animations we allow for products to be communicated towards the market before they are production ready.



The 3D animation itself and the way we share your message allows for great, unique, differentiating marketing

High ROI


Our clients have made great use of our animations, allowing them to win million euro offers in the process.

"The 3D animation was really important during the bid phase because it shows exactly what the ship's capable of. We really did a very great job."

Jasper Kolbrink - Digital and content manager - Thales Netherlands
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High Tech Systems and Materials


Infra-, Geo- and Building structures


Chemistry and Raw Materials


Installation Technology


Mechanical Engineering



Adapting 3D animations

3D product animation

Most of our clients think of the technical side of things, because it is their core business. It is our job to put our client at the centre, and use 3D techniques to visualize the best solution.

With the help of a 3D product animation we explain which product or service will solve your clients wishes. Creating a technical masterpiece is great, but not that main message. Its all about what the advantage your product or services have over others.

This is what we visualize.


3D-exploded views

How do you create a visual tool that shows off the importance of a component for the larger product? Use a 3D exploded view!

With this tool we allow for people to see how one component contributes to the larger success of your product. The 3D exploded views allow for you to see things that you would normally not see. Products consist of many small, invisible components. These components can be visualised with a 3D exploded view. The end customer will immediately see what value it contributes.

This technique also adds serious value for training purposes, as it allows for a quick explanation of the way in which a product is compromised and which parts play which role.

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Replacing product photography

The quality of 3D animation continues to improve, because of this they have become a replacement of regular product photography. This is especially beneficial for websites and web shops, because it allows for customers to see products, in 3D, from all possible sides.

Other digital printed media can make use of 3D-visualisation. Whenever a product gets updated or upgraded this is something that can easily be fixed in 3D. This flexibility allows for many advantages over regular content.

The 3D model we create becomes the basis for communicating, both for online, as well as offline.


Interactive 3D animations

For a true connection with the target group interactive 3D-animations work the best. Think of such things as an exploded 3D view which allows for components to be pressed for extra information. Or a product configurator which allows customers to create their own product by selecting pre-determined parts or colour combinations.

Take a look at the Hartman Sophie Product Configurator case. We can create a variant of every 3D animation for a fair presentation or website.

Click on the image next to this and experience it yourself!

"With C4REal we're really happy that we have a partner that quickly understand what we need and transforms difficult technology into a simple message

Sjoerd van der Sterren - Strategic Marketing Manager - Pentair
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3D animation pricing

We regularly win awards with our 3D animations. This makes us incredibly proud, as it proves that our clients can celebrate successes with our works.

Interested about the costs of such a 3D animation? Every project is custom tailored, which means that the price will depend on your specific wishes and requirements. Keep a minimum of a 5.000 euro price tag in mind.



Since 2007 we have been visualizing products for our national and international customers and helped them get their message across.

Our strength as a 3D animation company comes from helping ambitious companies in the B2B market flourish by helping them communicate their technical products in the most optimal ways. Everything from automotive to energy, aerospace to offshore.

The core values of our clients are always of the utmost importance. With this in mind we start every project with passion.

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Formula 1 performance



Chemical processes visualised



The Edge Amsterdam


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