Field in a Box

Field in a Box


Field in a Box - a success story. The first fields have now been sold to multinationals in Europe, India and America. C4Real has contributed to the current results and this very promising product by developing the visual communication strategy and corresponding visual resources.

These include an awareness video, product animation, a 3D print of the product and an online 3D product configurator.

Deliverable: Vision Video

Client: TenCate

Technology: Movie

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Launching a product in a new market is difficult. It is important to provide the various target groups with visual aids on their customer journey. The members of these groups need digital guidance to help them arrive at the point where they will acquire information or buy the product, and this occurs on various levels (why, how and what). In short, commercial conversion must take place.

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The results are already extremely promising and are nothing short of fantastic. Field in a Box is happy to welcome FedEx as its first customer. The first sales were made even before the active sales process started. We are so proud to see how our efforts have contributed to an awareness among the prospects for this great product. These prospects’ interest is then very quickly converted to actual sales.

The visual tools that C4Real has developed are:

Awareness Video - India (why)

This video offers a glimpse into life in the slums of Mumbai. People worldwide have talent and ambition, but it’s not always easy to put these to good use. By participating in sports together, people experience personal growth, and are united despite their race, religion or background.

3D Product Animation (how)

The 3D product animation shows the possibilities the Field in a Box system offers for developing countries. Education, coaching, drinking water, sports and community development are just a few of the solutions.

3D Product Configurator (what)

This fully interactive 3D product configurator shows you how to configure a Field in a Box to completely meet your needs. Do you want Philips lighting? Heras fencing? Or a water filtration system? Your company logo on the advertising signs? It’s all possible thanks to this online sales and 3D web experience tool.

3D product explorer (what)

Where the 3D product configurator is widely used at the end of the sales process to visualize the product, the 3D product explorer is often used in the orientation phase. With the 3D product explorer a potential customer can view the possibilities of Field in a box at an early stage without being flooded with too much information.

3D Print of the Product (what)

A complete 3D print of the most optimal system shows, in miniature, how unique the Field in a Box system can be. It is literally a 3D jewel in a box that can be tailored to specific customer needs.

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