Interactive design contest

Interactive design contest

500 entries in five days with 3D product configurator

Hartman is a well-known manufacturer of garden furniture from Enschede. For the introduction of their new bucket seat Sophie they wanted to organize something special around the VT housing fair. Therefore, the experience and expertise of C4Real was called in.

The chair itself is also special: it is available in 14 different types and, moreover, different colour combinations per chair. You can configure it just the way it suits you. All kinds of different details or colours: you can't think of anything like it with this chair. But how are you going to communicate all those options to the customer? This is something C4Real has a lot of experience with.

Deliverable: Product Cofigurator

Client: Hartman

Technology: Interactive 3D

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How do you get in the news in a fun way?

The challenge put down by Hartman was to ensure that the new Sophie bucket seat came to the attention of the target group. Preferably by generating newsworthiness and thus free publicity. C4Real knew something about that, says Ton Kuper, CEO of C4Real: "The great thing about the Sophie is that you can completely personalize the chair in terms of design. It's really going to be your personal taste in chair shape. The colour and patterns of the upholstery, but also the chair legs are adjustable. That's why we proposed a 3D product configurator, around which a competition was organised during the VT housing fair and on the website. Using the online configurator, or '3D product configurator', which we have created, interested parties can create and submit their own chair design. The most beautiful design is produced for the winner. In order to increase the chance of free publicity, journalists were also invited to design their own chair, hoping that they would write about it".

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The introduction campaign for the Sophie was a great success, says Ton Kuper: "In just five days, Hartman received no less than 500 entries from enthusiastic users who designed their own Sophie with the 3D product configurator. This proves how easy it is to get started with such an online tool and how well it suits the target group. And of course it also helps that they could win their own design. It also helped a lot in the promotion, because the journalists and bloggers also used the 3D product configurator a lot, such as Huisjeaandehaven and Thuis in huis in huis".

"The 3D product configurator for the Hartman Sophie has had a conversion of 500 submitted designs in five days. "

Ton Kuper - C4Real

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