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A trailer that makes an impression

A trailer that makes an impression

Impact at the right moment

The University of Twente makes full use of presentations, films and events for promotional purposes. It is crucially important that these make an impact.

C4Real was asked to develop a trailer that would have the audience on the edge of their seats when it was shown.

Deliverable: Corporate Video

Client: Universiteit Twente

Technology: 3D Animation

A trailer that makes an impression Detail Image

Getting attention

The first seconds of a presentation are extremely important and are often ignored because the audience is still distracted by other things. The challenge was to make a short trailer with major impact that would immediately grab everyone’s attention.

The trailer had to contain the philosophy of the University of Twente and this had to be shown within an extremely short timeframe.

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On the tip of your chair

C4Real made a short, snappy trailer in which audio and visuals were intertwined. Once the speakers are at full volume and the trailer starts to run, everyone is on the edge of their seats and captivated by the musical composition and spectacular imagery.

The visuals represent the philosophy of the University of Twente, which it feels in and shares from its heart and soul. The University of Twente: hi-tech human touch.

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