A successful marketing concept

A successful marketing concept

Pentair World

Pentair is a company that carries several sub-brands and products and is a pioneer in the field of product technology in the food and beverage industry. But what do these different brands and their products mean for the customer? You can discover this with the visual concept: Pentair World. A visual world in which all market segments, brands and products of Pentair come together in one strong communicative and logical whole, from the customer’s point of view. This visual concept is used as the central thread in all the visual content that Pentair currently uses.

This great result was achieved in the visual content strategy that C4Real is continuously working on with the marketing team of Pentair, including Martin Wagner, Content Marketing Manager of Pentair Filtration Solutions. “We supply tailor-made CO2 technology solutions”, says Martin Wagner, “but also equipment for quality control, microfiltration and biogas upgrading systems. The products our customers sell are for everyone. After all, who doesn’t know Coca Cola or Heineken? Our technology works in the background at these organisations. We help producers in the food and beverage industry with sustainable, flexible and super-efficient technologies in the production process.”

“The challenge for Pentair was to create a clear overview of, and between the different products, the relationship to each other and what they mean for the customer in solutions,” says Ton Kuper, CEO C4Real. “They make great products.”

Deliverable: Explanatory Animation

Client: Pentair

Technology: Interactive 3D , 3D Animation , Movie

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Proud of technique behind product

“One of the biggest challenges we face is clear communication about our products,” says Martin Wagner. “The message we promote is not so ‘sexy’. The content is difficult to understand and has to be technically correct. We needed a party who could translate our products from complex technology to simple and attractive visual language in an appealing way. And who can convey the proud feeling that our customers have about their end products: beer, water, soft drinks, but also milk powder, for example.”

“We have spoken to various parties. C4Real was the party that understood us very quickly and well, which saves us a lot of time and who is very pleasant to work with. In addition, C4Real does not only think in terms of visual aids or beautiful pictures. They have a good understanding of how to use visual content in campaigns and how to communicate successfully on different channels. As a result, we now present our products in a unique way, where Pentair World is a concept that fits in perfectly with the visual content that we have developed.”

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“Pentair World is a principle in which we can communicate solutions of all different products from the customer and the end user,” says Ton Kuper. “We have chosen the world as a metaphor. There are continents in the world that symbolise different markets. Each continent forms a storyline about a market. The story takes you on a journey of discovery. For example, there is the milk industry, where you can discover what the milk industry looks like; you see a large milk factory with meadows and cows. Then you see a cross-section of the factory with all segments of the production process and the products that Pentair supplies in it. This is reinforced and visualised with animations of Pentair’s products, such as Pentair Südmo’s double seat valves, a unique double mixing valve and the Pentair X-Flow Helix, a membrane for wastewater filtration. In this way you can see how Pentair Südmo and Pentair X-Flow relate to each other and what the products of Pentair offer in terms of effectiveness for their customers.”

“In addition to 3D visualisations, C4Real also develops 3D stills, corporate and product films and interactive product explorers in which the Pentair World returns time and again, as well as our philosophy on hygiene, sustainability and optimisation”, says Martin Wagner. “We use the content for many channels: fairs and online are spearheads. The following projects are already underway, I look forward to them.”

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