Automotive Product explorer

Automotive Product explorer

Making the invisible visible

Arlanxeo is the name of a joint venture entered into by Lanxess, a German chemicals concern, and Saudi Aramco, a Saudi-based oil company. The synthetic rubbers they manufacture are used in the automotive industry, for example, bump rubbers that are designed to prevent damage when a car bonnet is closed, or the weatherstripping around the windows. Useful products, you might think, but unlikely to win any beauty contests.

C4Real accepted the challenge of visualising Arlanxeo's products in such a way that they catch the eye during presentations at major trade fairs.

Deliverable: Product Presentation

Client: Arlanxeo

Technology: Interactive 3D

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Working against the clock

To give exhibition visitors a better idea of the added value their products incorporate, Arlanxeo approached C4Real to address the problem. The goal was to show potential clients what Arlanxeo already has to offer the automotive industry and how their products form part of the bigger picture.

However, the biggest challenge of the whole project were the severe time constraints. Within the space of just a few weeks after Arlanxeo's initial request, we were asked to produce a ready-made visual product: an interactive application able to demonstrate the benefits of the 140 products it supplies in an instant.

Arlanxeo - Client Logo

Impressive exhibition presentation

The 3D product explorer developed by C4Real for Arlanxeo was shown on a 55-inch touchscreen, specific hardware for which we had organised ourselves. In fact, no fewer than four screens were on hand to allow interested visitors to experience all the information interactively. Just click on any part of the car and see for yourself the kinds of product solutions Arlanxeo has to offer.

Both internally and externally, the application makes it a lot clearer about what Arlanxeo actually does: what specific products they supply and the value they add to the larger products they are part of.

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