Making aerospace solutions understandable

Making aerospace solutions understandable

Global publicity in the aerospace market

The aerospace market is one the most demanding in the world today. To play a role of any significance within this competitive landscape, you need to be able to show your capabilities.

In the field of sales and marketing, C4Real is supporting TenCate Advanced Composites in the United States through the development of 3D product animations and 3D product explorers. These visual tools make it possible for TenCate to bring their competitiveness to the attention of potential customers with the utmost effectiveness.

Deliverable: Product Video

Client: TenCate

Technology: 3D Animation

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Composite solutions in aircraft, helicopters, space rockets and satellites are not very visible and are often communicated using highly technical terms. The challenge is to show clearly where these solutions are possible and their value compared with conventional or competitor materials.

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Make information understandable

Regarding these projects, C4Real developed 3D product animations in which highly technical information is reduced to simple imagery that decision makers will understand.

Thanks to these visual solutions, it has been made possible for TenCate Advanced Composites to reduce its lead-times in sales campaigns and to be more successful in sales and marketing activities such as trade fairs and large procurement contracts.

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