Increased product sales thanks to a 3D product explorer!

27 November 2020
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Your business’ marketing mix consists of many different elements. Nevertheless, they all have the same purpose, that is, communicating your USPs to your target group. The ultimate the aim is for your message to persuade (potential) customers to choose your products, not someone else’s.

C4Real can help you in this task. A 3D product explorer is all about combining product communication, customisation and branding at the same time. In other words, maximum marketing impact!

Customers never bother reading your product catalogues in detail

Wouldn’t it be great if customers read your product documentation from cover to cover? And wouldn’t it be nice to think that detailed descriptions of multitudinous product functionalities could wow them into placing an instant order? But of course, we all know it doesn’t work like that!

Back in the real world, marketeers are hard at work looking for the ideal way to provide customers with as much possible relevant information in the most efficient way. We marketeers – and that includes me – are well aware that customers are simply turned off by long-drawn-out product descriptions. They need to understand your message in little more than an instant and quickly decide on whether the information is relevant or not. Not only do you need to attract their attention, you need to keep it too. One effective way to do this is through visuals.

Communicate the added value

Manufacturers of complex products whose assets get hidden in the detail often have more difficulty in communicating this added value. Take, for example, one of our clients: Cirex is a manufacturer of metal automotive parts, such as fuel pump housings and door closure mechanisms. Each and every one of these products gets hidden in the detail. What they wanted was a tool which enabled them to communicate the benefits of their products more quickly and easily.

Together with Twentse Storm advertising agency, C4Real developed a 3D product explorer for Cirex. This tool allowed (potential) customers to look at the vehicle, as it were, with x-ray eyes and visualise how Cirex products actually work. It proved an effective medium in how to inform customers about their products and instantly show what the added value of these products were as part of the bigger picture. Not only does this way of working provide clear and concise product descriptions, it creates additional sales opportunities, because customers can see at a glance other products that are on offer too. Knowledge transfer and sales conversion in one!

Ideal for the presentation of larger products

3D product explorers can be used on a website, but also offline. Imagine a product which is so big it’s impossible to show at an exhibition or take on a customer visit. Ten Cate’s Field in a Box is one such product. Quite literally, it’s a football field in a shipping container, so much too big to lug around! So, how do you get people enthusiastic about the product?

Via interactive 3D, Ten Cate’s stand visitors and customers on location can get a much better idea of what the Field actually looks like. Every square metre can be examined, without actually stepping onto it. It’s even possible to look underneath and see the benefits of its water filter system, almost at first hand! A great tool with a wow-factor that is bound to catch the eye of exhibition visitors.