Successful at trade fairs: C4Real and Brink together ensured maximum impact

05 December 2018

With visual content at trade fairs, your company can get more out of a trade fair participation. Read here how Brink Climate Systems is more successful at trade fairs, with the help of C4Real.

Trade fairs are increasingly becoming an integral part of the complete communication strategy, where a trade fair was often seen as an end in itself. Dressing up an exhibition stand with visual content, such as 3D animations and films, were rather separate from other expressions and were often only used at the fair. Now it is much more merged and there is increasing communication from campaigns. This is good for the recognisability of the brand and the products and services that have to be presented at the fair in the best possible way. The target group now sees impactful visual content more often at several moments before, during and after the exhibition and on multiple channels. This ensures that the communication message comes across stronger and thus increases the success of trade fairs. A good example of how you can achieve this as a company is the approach of our customer Brink Climate Systems. We would like to tell you how we worked together with Brink on a successful campaign, in which the trade fair: the ISH in Frankfurt was the most important moment.

Developing together

Wendy Wind, International Marketing Manager at Brink Climate Systems: "We developed a visual marketing strategy for the ISH in Frankfurt. Together with C4Real we discussed what we want to achieve, how we will do this and what we need to do it. From the first brainstorming session to the last details we had the same goal: to make an impact. In this case it is certainly valuable to apply visual content, because at a trade fair moving images work very well. This way you attract visitors' attention and it allows you to quickly show how distinctive you are as a company. We want that, we want to be seen."

After jointly determining the strategy, C4Real developed several visual content for Brink to stand out at the fair:

  • An engaging film for the entire Brink Climate Systems brand
  • A product film for the introduction of the Flair
  • A promotional film with an explanation about the Pure Induct
  • An interactive instruction film for the Air 70

Brink attracted a large audience by using a large screen, on which the general film played, in which the Brink lady, recognizable to the target group, 'lured' visitors to the stand. Other screens on the exhibition stand, aimed at showing 3D animations about Brink products, ensured the follow-up to show interested parties why they should choose Brink.

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Part of the total plan

Obviously being present at a fair is only a means. It is a way to get in touch with the target group and make an impact. But the total plan in the field of marketing strategy is much broader than just the stock market. That is why Brink and C4Real also think about the overarching strategy together, so that everything is right. For example, by inviting customers and prospects and getting them excited for the fair in advance. By using the visual elements from the exhibition films, the message is already put accross.

Tip: reuse visual content after the fair

Because thought was put into reusing the visual content, Brink still benefits from the displays made after the fairs. Wendy Wind: "Different versions of the films and animations were made, such as trailers. We use these on our YouTube channel, on our website and the stills of the film we will use later. In this way we ensure that our message will stick better thanks to the power of repetition. In addition, our name recognition benefits by implementing this form of branding on different channels. It is all part of our visual marketing strategy."

Don't waste any opportunities

Brink is a forerunner in the visual field, but there are still many companies that leave opportunities to make real impact and to be even more successful at a trade fair. Ton Kuper, CEO of C4Real: "For some companies it is really a revelation when they hear what is possible in terms of visual content for trade fairs. Maybe they have seen something impressive in others at a fair, but they haven't thought about it that way for themselves. We are delighted to inspire our customers. We would like to show them the possibilities and together we will take the step towards a complete visual marketing strategy, which goes beyond just trade fairs. That is why our partnership with Brink and other customers is so successful: because together with the client we develop an overall picture that serves as a strategic guideline for the coming years. And that works.''

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